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In 1989, M. Pagel proposed to organize Society Biennial Meetings. The 25th Anniversary Conference of SGA was organized by M. Pagel (SGA Executive Secretary 1991-1998) and held in Nancy, France, in 1991, and it became the start of a highly successful tradition of SGA.

Next Biennial Meeting

The 13th SGA Biennial Meeting "Mineral Resources in a Sustainable World" will be in Nancy, France, 24-27 August 2015. Visit the conference website for the preliminary information!

Previous Biennial Meetings

The 12th Biennial SGA Meeting was held in Uppsala, Sweden, August 12-15, 2013. Visit the SGA2013 website!

  • 11th SGA Biennial Meeting "Let´s Talk Ore Deposits" (Antofagasta, Chile 2011)
  • 10th SGA Biennial Meeting "Smart Science for Exploration and Mining" (Townsville, Australia 2009)
  • 9th SGA Biennial Meeting "Mineral Exploration and Research: Digging Deeper" (Dublin, Ireland 2007)
  • 8th SGA Biennial Meeting (Beijing, China 2005)
  • 7th SGA Biennial Meeting (Athens, Greece 2003)
  • 6th SGA Biennial – SEG Meeting (Cracow, Poland 2001)
  • 5th SGA Biennial – IAGOD Meeting (London, U.K. 1999)
  • 4th SGA Biennial Meeting (Turku, Finland 1997)
  • 3rd SGA Biennial Meeting (Prague, Czech Republic 1995)
  • 2nd SGA Biennial Meeting (Granada, Spain 1993)
  • 1st SGA Biennial Meeting (Nancy, France, 1991)